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                    When you choose Jinan shelf, you should not only see the type and specification of your products, but also see their weight and quantity and other detailed parameters. In this way, we can save more money for the company in actual use and make better use of every inch of space in the warehouse.


                    The shelves in the commercial building are mainly used to display products. Angle steel shelves are mainly used to store loose products and light products, with the main advantages of convenient storage and search of products, simple assembly and favorable price; medium-sized shelves are mainly used to store boxes and slightly larger items. Manual access to goods. The mould shelf structure is simple and firm, which is mainly used in large, medium and small warehouses, production workshops and storage rooms. Heavy shelves are mostly used for products with large storage capacity and pallets, which can save space at high altitude, have large storage capacity and good load-bearing performance.


                    Light angle steel frame, cartons and boxes are widely used for light bulk products. Products in boxes should be selected from medium-sized shelves or three column shelves. The shelf length can be from 1.2m to 2.5m. Multiple boxes, turnover boxes and containers can be placed in a single layer. There are more irregular products on the loft platform, large and light-weight products, most of which take up too much area. The loft platform is originally a floor added on the basis of the original ground, which greatly saves the storage space and improves the utilization rate of high altitude. The double-layer loft shelves are mostly used for parts storage and small items distribution warehouse, parts warehouse and heavy-duty shelves are mostly used for electronic production. In the product industry, paper industry and various industries, pay attention to the load-bearing performance of the shelf when using the mold shelf, and do not overload it. Dongguan will put the product on the shelf after determining the weight of the product. It is not easy to display heavy products on display shelves.